Write here: Each room in the school, also other than classrooms, have four waste bins: for bio waste , energy waste, general waste and paper. The cleaners empty the first three bins and the pupils empty the paper bins at regular intervals.

I n each classroom there is now a note beside the switch to remind people to turn the lights off if leaving the room for ten minutes. These notes were made by the pupils and they are quite beautiful.

We also, like KringsjƄ school, collect the empty coffee bags in the staff room and give them to somebody who makes shopping bags of them.


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The Helsinki region of the Department of Environment is organising activities for schools in sustainable development, including recycling. They are looking for schools to become active members. We are now sending our application to them. If we are accepted, we will get some tasks and information throughout the year. We think it will also be useful for us in doing Nordplus work.